The oldest superyacht brokerage house in the world can deliver a wealth of experience for its Owners. Here we focus on the Camper & Nicholsons Yacht Management Division, taking a forensic look at the key services on offer.

Camper & Nicholsons has one of the largest managed yacht fleets in the world and has been providing a wide range of Yacht Management services since 1988, enabling it to own and deliver an unparalleled depth of experience in this specialist area.

The Camper & Nicholsons Yacht Management Division works to a simple principle, that ‘no two yachts are the same’. A professional service is specifically tailored to meet the requirements of each Owner, helping them get the best out of their yacht, whether it is a 140-metre megayacht or a 20-metre sailing yacht.

Today’s large yachts are highly sophisticated, multi-faceted machines, with constant developments and regulatory demands, that create an entirely different level of support. Their operation calls for the kind of knowledge and skill levels found in commercial ship management.

Camper & Nicholsons delivers the breadth of experience and global reach this superyacht market requires, dealing with the day-to-day issues related to large yacht operations with a team qualified and able to offer the full range of yacht management services while offering these services in flexible packages to suit each Owner’s needs.
Yacht Management - The Core Services
Camper & Nicholsons’ expertise and knowledge encompass all aspects of yacht management, including the application and thorough understanding of codes of practice, rules and regulations, technical expertise, administration, commercial awareness and the more subjective factors of yachting.

The Yacht Management Division includes master mariners, engineers, purchasing staff, accountants and crew managers, who provide the highest level of support and guidance to owners and captains.
By tailoring management services specifically designed to suit each yacht’s intended operation, the team can assure every client’s requirements are met.

Here we look at how these services are packaged and the key factors involved within each service.
• Preparation of annual operational budget.
• Preparation of monthly fund requests based on known and expected expenditure.
• Receipt of funds and disbursements for all goods and services.
• Checking all invoices prior to payment with the captain and or owner if so requested.
• Funding our crew payroll company in Guernsey
• Arranging for cash and debit card facilities to the captain for onboard expenditure as requested by the owner.
• Receipt and checking of captain's monthly accounts and integrating all expenditures into the Yacht’s accounts.
• Receipt and checking of debit card statements.
• Preparation of monthly statements and expenditure analysis for Owner review.
• Preparation of an annual financial overview
Crew Payroll & Crew Employment
Crew Employment and payroll is provided by Encrew Service (Guernsey) PCC Limited (a C&N Subsidiary), a company incorporated in Guernsey for all crew activities including:
• Seafarers Employment Agreements (SEA)
• Provision of Employment related documentation
• Liaison with owners for Payroll funding and related fixed costs. (a payroll deposit will be requested from owners)
• Provision of crew pay-slips - these are password protected and sent to each individual crew member's e-mail address. Crew salaries are paid gross to their nominated bank accounts. NB: Crew salaries may be subject to social charges and taxes if a statute applies
• All Filipino resident Crew payroll employment is arranged via the applicable Agency in the Philippines
• All crew emergency contact details of next of kin for Master and crew are held on file
• Arrange travel for the Master and crew including repatriation as requested
• Assistance to Master with recruiting and vetting new crew
• Provision of HR support for the Master and Crew as required
Yacht Administration & Insurance
Administrative work with Flag / Shipping registries.
• Yacht registration
• Name changes
• Ownership changes
• Ownership structure
• General support and assistance to captain, applying for cruising permits, booking agents and pilots, assistance with customs.
• Receipt and dispatch of all crew mail.
• Deal with all crew medical and vessel insurance claims in conjunction with our risk manager and arrange crew emergencies/medical evacuations
• Liaisons with insurers and appointing surveyors if required
•  Insurance administration in conjunction with CNIS - our in-house risk and insurance expert
• Investigation and compiling of comparative quotations
Technical Support
• Planning maintenance schedules including a review of their effectiveness with periodic inspections
• Appointing competent personnel to oversee the maintenance and efficiency of the vessel
• Assisting on board engineering staff with routine shipyard specifications and troubleshooting
• Visiting shipyards during routine dry docking
• Liaising with class and flag state surveyors
• Arranging enrolment in emergency response services
• Appointing surveyors and technical consultants, as necessary
• Handling of all activities relating to flag state compliance and classification society requirements
• Advice on maintenance and renewal of statutory certificates, licences, classification status and flag state requirements

NB:  Refit management and supervision of extended shipyard periods are out of the scope of the above technical support and provided under a separate agreement.
Purchasing & Logistics
On request, purchasing services can be supplied for all of a yacht’s equipment and materials. This can be advantageous, with the Owner utilising C&N’s buying power and supply network. A handling fee may be applicable in certain circumstances.
• Obtaining quotes and purchasing of technical spare parts and general supplies.
• Dispatching spares worldwide
• Customs liaison and management
• Organised fuel purchasing
• Any item from deck / interior consumables to safety equipment, catering and IT can be arranged through this service.
ISM/ISPS/MLC Compliance
International Safety Management/ International Ship & Port Security / Marine Labour Convention 2006.

C&N complies with the above Codes of Practice for yachts and passengers yachts operating on a worldwide basis. We hold a DOC (Document of Compliance) for the Cayman Islands, Isle of Man, Malta and Marshalls Islands.

These Codes of Practice are mandatory for Commercial Yachts, nevertheless, C&N strongly recommend the implementation of safety management irrespective of the yachts’ operations or size.
C&N confirms it will:
• Provide an ISM Safety Management Manual & ISPS Ship Security Plan
• Provide a Designated Person Ashore (DPA) & Company Security Officer, on call 24/7
• Carry out annual internal ISM/ISPS/MLC auditing of the yacht and associated reporting
• Receive and review all monthly reporting on maintenance of safety and security.
• Monitor the technical maintenance of the yacht through monthly reports and boat visits
• Administer and oversee crew qualifications and legibility to ensure the Minimum Safe Manning requirements are in place
• Issue Fleet Circulars and assist in keeping all statutory Certificates in date and valid.

Access to the C&N cloud-based file sharing system which is used to convey and exchange all relevant data and information.
24/7 Emergency Response
We maintain a continuous emergency support service to yachts we manage. Each yacht has a 24/7 single point of contact with back-up as required from the yacht management department, in-house risk manager and legal advisor.

Our emergency response plans are very clear and incorporate Office-based and Yacht procedures which provide for assessment of the situation, the allocation of duties, contacts and checklists.
C&N Yacht Management Emergency Response Case Studies
• Mid-Ocean medical evacuations with international emergency services
• Propulsion failure requiring towage
• Serious groundings and flooding
• Crew fatality, emotional support for crew
• DPA attendance on board to liaise with crew, accident investigators, local authorities, media
• Repatriation of crew on medical grounds
• Liaison with owners and insurers on major claims
• Emergency repairs and supply of support
• Media management
Crew Placement, Recruitment
Our crew placement division is an MLC 2006 compliant agency operating with the sole aim of making sure that only the most capable crew members look after you and your guests. We maintain a comprehensive real-time database of qualified crew, working closely with Captains and Owners of both private and charter yachts, we screen every candidate personally and place the ideal crew members to match your requirements.
Our services include:
• Personally interviewing candidates
• Checking a minimum of three references
• Verifying skills, certificates, qualifications, and other relevant documentation
• Advising Owners and Captains on salaries and manning requirements
• A comprehensive crewing database, accessible by crew and agents from anywhere in the world
• Operating in compliance with MLC 2006 legislation and standards
About Camper & Nicholsons
Camper & Nicholsons International is one of the oldest yachting companies in the world, founded in 1782 as a shipyard in Gosport, England. Today, Camper & Nicholsons is the global leader in luxury yachting activities with 10 offices around the world. The company’s operational headquarters is located in Monaco. Camper & Nicholsons provides full-scale turnkey services for clients including New Construction, Sales & Purchase, Yacht Charter, Charter Marketing, Yacht Management, Crew Placement, Refit & Repair, and Capital and Insurance.
Camper & Nicholsons has been involved in over 2,400 yacht projects since 1782.  Today, we have over 100 yachts in our sales fleet and charter management fleet, and over 44,000 gross tonnes of yachts under our management.
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