‘‘What was simple is now complicated, what needed expertise requires technical skills and competencies and what was logical is no longer… rules and laws that impact the yachting environment are also constantly changing. It is essential for industry professionals to adapt to them in the easiest way possible” Thierry Voisin

As a broker he had also seen all changes regarding the size of the yachts, the evolution of clients’ expectation for charter and the different innovation regarding environment, fuel, GPS, tracing of data or even design. That’s why, he had the desire to launch his own company to propose dedicated yachts services. From one boutique brokerage company called The World of Yachting, he is currently managing 3 others dedicated to yachts services in fiscality, customs, social and more.
The aim is that all these companies are collaborating to ensure a
safe running for yachts, all working together through a common objective: offering tailored solutions and accurate services to provide serenity to yachts owners, managers, brokers, captains, and other yachting professionals.
• The The World of Yachting is a boutique brokerage company specialized in sales, charter, transport, and yacht management for more than 30 years and relying on a top-end networks of partners and providers. We will ensure that every step of the buying/selling process as well as the charter one remain smooth and efficient. Our team will be there to plan your future adventures.
• YMCA Yachting ensures that yachting remains a pleasure as customs and tax experts by providing consultancy services in the EU. We are appointed custom agent certified as Authorized Economic Operators (AEO) and assist all yachting professionals with complex processes involving yachting customs & tax formalities, litigations, and social requirements in EU waters. Thanks to our network of maritime professionals, partners, and specialist lawyers, we help yachts and related parties to conform to European and notably French regulations.
• SOS Yachting offers fiscal agency and fiscal representation services tailored to yachting since 2012. We operate through 4 offices located in key chartering areas in the Med (France and Monaco, Italy, Spain & Croatia) offering real time services and providing comprehensive operational guidance to ensure charter operations comply with local regulations. Our knowledge of charter operations, European and maritime regulations give us a unique perspective. In addition to case-by-case guidance on charter operations, SOS Yachting provides the following administrative services : completing application for VAT registration of the Owning company with the local tax office, providing fiscal representation/agency to owning company, ensuring the owning company is fully compliant with rules on invoicing and VAT treatment, issuing charter invoices and APA invoices (if needed), maintaining accounting records to meet local standard within the established timeframe, ensuring accounting records are readily available for inspection by the tax authorities, preparing and submitting all VAT and associated filings.
• FLYN Yachting provides tracking services for a certified fiscal & legal navigation. We rely on the yacht’s AIS which is an irrefutable information accepted by the national authorities. We principally deliver products in the form of certificates or reports, calculations, and detailed supporting evidence of compliance with one or more regulatory criteria. We have therefore devoted development time to fine-tune the algorithms, servers, and databases for yacht location. This phase enabled us to validate the processing chain from the acquisition of position data (yacht name and MMSI designator) to navigation data (route, stopover, zone crossing), location data (in what territorial sea, country, region, department is it and under what tax status?) and, finally, the zone of activity (port, shipyard, anchorage) and the maritime regulations governing access to this zone (anchorage bans).

All these yacht services allow each owner, representative, broker, manager and more to prepare and ensure a safe season. Nowadays, it becomes more and more important to be recognize as a specialist in the industry’s sector and then be considered as trusted company, expert, data accurate and customer satisfaction oriented.
In addition, since 1993, Thierry Voisin has created and is the president of the European Committee for Professional Yachting (ECPY), the referent association for the whole yachting industry as it brings together all industry’s activities. ECPY has recently launched the Transport Agreement to propose an alternative solution for pre-determined charter itinerary to benefits from VAT reduction and optimization. Join us and benefits from many advantages!

Such an atypical life for an authentic sailor, broker and yachtsmen…

Welcome on board !
Thierry Voisin