How CTN is taking cryotherapy to the people

Cryotherapy has been used by top athletes and wellness professionals for decades, using fast and effective non-medical pain relief to aid recovery from injury.

However, most cryotherapy equipment is cooled with Liquid Nitrogen (LN2), CO2 or other cryogenic gases which, whilst highly efficient, restricts the use to professional environments and increases the product and operating costs significantly.

Unique technology
CTN has been developing cutting-edge, innovative technologies to solve these challenges. The most recent success being the launch this year of the X°Cryo™ product range, which will provide an electrically powered cryotherapy alternative, which is more economical, safer than existing equipment and also highly efficient. This patented technology is the world’s first electric-only localised cryotherapy device, eliminating completely the need for complicated liquid gases, and making cryotherapy treatment significantly more affordable, accessible and so useful. Importantly, X°Cryo™ is only the first step in a strategy to improve people’s access to cryotherapy. Another product recently launched is Cryo°Cabin™, using the same electricity-only technology for a whole body cryotherapy treatment.

Professional endorsement
As part of CTN’s drive to take its technology and the benefits of cryotherapy mainstream, it has teamed up with a large number of top-level professional athletes. One of the latest additions to the rapidly growing team is F1 racing driver Kimi Räikkönen – the Iceman himself – who is a daily user of CTN recovery equipment, which he has at his home both in Switzerland and Finland. The goal, ultimately, is to pivot away from the use of cryogenic gases and introduce more electric cryotherapy solutions in the future. These products will open up this vertical niche market to a much wider global audience and give the company a feasible platform for continued exponential growth.

Investment & Strategy
The main goal for CTN is to revolutionise the access to cryotherapy
and expand the product sales from traditional B2B business to the
global consumer markets. This will dramatically increase the market
potential for this technology.

CTN has already proved global market acceptance for these new
products, with sales across 35 countries. The unique product offering and patented technology will enable a fast and efficient scale-up of the business, opening up this vertical niche market to a much wider global audience and give the company a feasible platform for continued exponential growth.
The company is undergoing a private placement round to raise funds to exploit a first-to-market advantage and enable Increased brand awareness and aggressively boosted sales volume.

Company profile
The CTN Group is a seven-year-old, profitable scale-up business with world-leading technology and a unique cutting edge product portfolio. The group consists of R&D and manufacturing in Finland and Estonia with offices in Ireland. The management team and board of directors are made up of experienced professionals from across high technology, medical and fitness fields. CTN’s key products are focused on recovery, pain relief and wellness therapies.

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