It is with immense pleasure that we will be launching Art Investor on

February 14 2021

with our First Edition

Fall in Love with Art

From our Editor in Chief

I was asked to describe what a feel when I think of Art!

A moment …an emotion …a second… sculptured in my soul which takes my breath away …

Couples of months ago, I was captivated only by what I perceived beautiful through my own eyes or what I felt it was beautiful according to my upbringing and to what I I considered ‘safe’..

Life is a perpetual journey to reach our inner core..our inner strenght;however, what one believes is right could be the very next day wrong.. what one considers beautiful would be terrifying for someone else..who one believes is family the following day could transform in someone one never knew..What one considers home,a ‘safe realm’ in which to hide when one is exposed to the external emotional soul’s voyage, will unpredictably change; and could become one’s Dante Da Vinci’s journey to purgatory..

Art is ‘my’place where I found a sudden peace, but ‘a piece without death’(de Filippo), a place where ‘my’Divina Commedia, is been displayed and written every day. My Art is made of extraordinary people, artists,curators,gallerists and not , enhancing contradicting life’s visions.

A world which is perpetually acting on an imaginary canvas where different stories are enhanced by their colourful brush.

Minimalist emptiness, magnificent and minute art installations, figurative and abstract corpses , transcendent unconscious and conscious psyche united by our human parody of trying to figure out the reason of some people’s actions. My smile is embracing it all, welcoming this time even what I cannot and could not understand,what would go behind my immortal beliefs and values. ‘My’ Art is the epicentre to my search of stability, the search of belonging to myself and to others’. Will I ever find it ?!

Not sure! The only certainty is that I know that when I smile, life is the most breathtaking work of art ever created, the most powerful poem ever written. My humble ‘renaissance’ moment embraces not only the past but the most vivid palette of contemporary art aspects.We should never forget that to understand our future we need to embrace the past and or try at least!

Art is indeed a page into our soul.

Carolina Conforti

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