Investor Media TV is a suite of media productions from interviews, promotional videos, and thematic programming. 


Founded in 2011, Investor Media has published quarterly editions of four magazines, Family Office Investor, Luxury Plus, Yacht Investor and Yacht Investor Business.

In 2021, We will add two new magazines, Alternative Investor and Art Investor

Family Office Investor is a magazine dedicated to the wealth and luxury asset management sectors. The content is written by industry professionals and gives insightful information into this industry.

Yacht Investor is a lifestyle yachting magazine aimed at luxury yacht owners, family offices, yachting industry professionals and UHNWIs with an interest in yachting.

Yacht Investor Business magazine is a business publication which provides yachting professionals a space to write about the yachting industry, covering subjects such as insurance, legal and financial considerations and resources.

Luxury Plus is a magazine about people and brands who redefine the luxury market and is aimed at UHNWI’s.


Investor Media is an independent boutique media group which provides unique B2C events.

Our guests are provided with experiences which are tailored to their tastes and preferences, be it onboard a superyacht, a private jet or at the pre-launch of an art gallery.

Investor Media is the partner of the Monaco Yacht Summit organised by the Monaco Yacht Show and of the Business Aviation & Super Yacht Community Switzerland (BASYCS). We have been appointed by governmental agencies, such as the Monaco Economic Board, to organise various private events to which we invite UHNWI’s and Family Offices from our exclusive network.

Our track record spans over five years with an increase in the number of events each year. In 2018 we organised six events in in Monaco, Dubai, London and Singapore for our select clientele, and in 2019 we held six events in Dubai, Singapore, Monaco, London and Moscow. in 2020 we were able to hold events in London, Monaco and Dubai prior to the lockdowns, and launched our online events.

In 2021 we are tentatively planning events in London, Dubai and Monaco with additional venues in Asia, the United States and Latin America.


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The primail feature of the universe, a realm of mass and energy from which much of what is powerful in the world would stem forth.

The KHAOS Network is a global network dedicated to connecting the most discerning individuals to their peers through curated content, bespoke services, and meaningful conversations.

Founded in 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the Khaos Network was launched as an app to allow the exclusive clients of the Investor Media Group to interact in a safe and purposeful environment.

The Khaos Network will expand its content through the end of 2020, and into early 2021.